CDO Photography | Wedding Photo Checklist

Wedding Preparations

  • Dress hanging/ draped across bed
  • Mother/ Maid of Honor helping with zipping the back of dress
  • Applying make up
  • Doing hair
  • Maid of honor preparing things
  • Some pre-wedding portraiture with Mother and Father
  • Shots of all of "the girls"
  • Loading into the car
  • Groom putting on jacket
  • Best Man helping with boutonniere
  • Mom and Groom before the wedding

The Ceremony

  • Celebrant and procession preparing
  • Groom waiting at front of the church
  • The processional
  • Father giving away the bride
  • Opening prayers
  • Readings
  • Exchange of consent
  • Exchange of rings
  • Other parts of service
  • The kiss
  • Recessional

After the Wedding

  • Receiving line shots
  • Congratulatory hugs/ handshakes
  • Candid photos


  • Married couple with parents
  • Married couple with Groom's immediate family
  • Married couple with Groom's entire family
  • Married couple with Bride's immediate family
  • Married couple with Bride's entire family
  • Married couple with wedding party
  • Married couple with clergy
  • Married couple with best man and maid of honor
  • Some shots with the Married couple alone*

*here, if there is time, I like to go to a nice garden or park and do a short photo session with just the Bride and Groom-- it is often very relaxing and needed break in between some very intense parts of the day, and some of the best shots come from this. I highly recommend it! 


  • Couples' arrival
  • First dances
  • Speeches/Toasts
  • Food and other details of the reception
  • Cake cutting
  • Departure